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With God All Things Are Possible 

    In 1968, in Kenton County, Kentucky, I owned a herd of horses. All the horses seemed to have good personalities and safe to be around at any time. They were all grazing in the upper pasture and I decided to bring them to the lower one where the barn was located. I walked to the upper pasture, rounded up the horses and started them toward the gate. Everything was normal. 

    To change pastures, the horses had to go through a gate at the upper left corner of the pasture and to the barn at the lower end of the other pasture. The horses were at the upper end of the field, going through the gate. I was not far behind, but walking in that direction about midway in the pasture. I noticed one horse had stopped as the others continued through the gate.

    The horse turned around, facing me, and was standing still. All the other horses had gone through the gate to the barn. When I realized that the one horse was still looking at me, I stopped, looked at the horse, and felt a terrible fear. At this time, the horse lowered his head and started charging toward me at full speed.

    There was no place to run or hide. I was in a wide open field with no rocks, sticks, or anything with which to defend myself. I was frozen with fear while the horse was coming closer with rapid speed, straight as an arrow. I looked down by my right foot and there laid a stone the size of a man’s hand. By this time, the horse was within 30 feet of me. I picked up the stone and immediately threw it with all might at the horse. The stone struck him between the eyes and burst into many pieces, as he went to his knees.

    Coming up from his knees, the horse made a swift turn and headed toward the barn.

    When I went to the barn where all the horses were gathered, the horse had blood running down his face.

    After some period of time, the wound healed and white hair grew in a huge cross-shaped scar. The horse is now solid red with a white cross in his forehead. I believe that is was plan of Satan to destroy me, but one thing I know for sure: "WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE".

Testimony by Haskel Swain, Sr.

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