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Who Must Have a Wife? 

   A bishop and a deacon must have a wife.

    1 Timothy 3:1-15 speaks about this subject. It says a bishop and deacon must have one wife. Bishops and deacons are very import in the body of Christ. Every church should have a staff of deacons, although in small churches, qualified deacons are difficult to find. There are thousands who hold the title bishop who are not bishops according to biblical principles. They are bishops in title only. Look at these titles: deacons, bishops, teachers, exhorters, evangelists, pastors, ministers, ordained ministers, prophets, and apostles. A man can hold any of these offices, except the bishop and deacon, without having a wife.

    Why would the deacon, in the lower rank, and the bishop, in the higher rank, be commanded to have one wife (a wife)? What makes these two offices different from the others? Why do the bottom and the top have this restriction and all in between have none at all concerning marriage?

    The answer is: The deacon is obligated to look after the windows and orphans. He will be in homes of widows who could become a temptation to him and cause him to commit sin. It must be understood that anyone can be tempted by sex. Therefore, the deacon must be married. His wife must understand her husband’s office and be the kind of wife who will see that her husband does not need the attention of another woman.

    Christians have the same temptations as non-Christians. This is easier understood after reading 1 Corinthians 7:4-5. The office of a deacon must be protected by the wife.

    Deacons are not church bosses. They are to feed the poor widows and orphans, therefore they must be married.

    A bishop must be the husband of one wife (a wife). He must be qualified to oversee a group of churches, keeping order among them. He must be someone who is qualified to help all who need his assistance.

    Men, women, and children should be able to confide n the bishop of their most intimate concerns and he should not have any temptations. Because of this, a bishop must be married. He must hear and listen in confidence, keeping more secrets than any other man who exists because he holds the highest office in the body of Christ.

Written by Reverend Haskel Swain.


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