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The Three Greatest Kingdoms

This short booklet, written by Reverend Haskel Swain in 1976, describes the Three Great Kingdoms that are active in our world today: the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Satan, and the Kingdom of Man.  This book is study into the natural and supernatural worlds.

In the book's foreword, Reverend Swain writes:

   "God gave me the knowledge of the three greatest kingdoms that have ever existed or will ever exist. My mind has been opened to the knowledge of the Kingdom of God and His angels, the Kingdom of Satan and his angels, the existence of demons, spirits of darkness, the Kingdom of Man, and the performances of these kingdoms.

   You will learn by reading this book that all generations have been attacked by evil spirits. You will also learn that the supernatural power of God lies within the persons who are fully dedicated to the cause of Christ. May the spirit of Christ be upon you as you read this book."

Download a PDF copy by clicking on this link - The Three Greatest Kingdoms (244 KB)

This PDF file can be printed duplex (two-sided) and folded to form a booklet suitable for distribution. The work is copyrighted by NJUC, all rights reserved. No alteration of the material is allowed. Individuals may download, print and distribute as many copies as desired provided that text is not altered, added to, or removed.