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Written by: Reverend Haskel Swain, March 5, 1995

     For a man to receive Christ means: he will have eternal life. He will live in the blessings of Christ now, in this life, and in the life hereafter as well. He will forever be with the Lord in peace, safety, love and honor.

     Satan would like for people to believe that Jesus hates anyone who commits a sin, and wants them to be put into a lake of fire; but this isn't so. Jesus wants everyone to be saved from hell fire. He doesn't want anyone to burn. In fact, he is pleading day and night, saying: please let me show you the way to eternal life.

     To not receive Christ means: a man chooses to follow Satan in his ways in the path of darkness. This man will have life in this world, but the after life will be a life of death and sorrow continuing throughout eternity. This is the way Satan rewards those who choose his way of life. There is no place in Heaven for Satan or those who follow Him.

     Turn from the way of darkness and look toward the light. Jesus is the light and in Him there is no darkness.

     If you feel that you are not close to God, think upon what kind of life you have been living and what is happening in your life now. Your thoughts become real and God will begin to deal with your mind, soul, spirit, and heart. As you feel this going on in your mind, you can begin to talk to God just as you would talk to someone close to you. Your thoughts will relay a message to God and you will receive his message back. This communications will cause you to understand the voice of God. He will speak peace to your and will forgive every sin you have ever committed, if you ask Him.

     The way to salvation is to receive forgiveness from Jesus Christ. Tell Jesus that you love Him and that you know His ways are always right. You will feel peace come into your heart and you will have a food feeling in your most inner being. This will cause you to love everyone and you will want others to receive Jesus Christ into their lives as well.

     Believe on Jesus and you will be saved!

     Read St. John 1;12, 9:38, 17:20; Acts 16:30-31; 19:4; Romans 4:24; I Timothy 1:16; 1 John 3:23, 5:13


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