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Please Stop Killing Our Babies 

   I am a firm believer in life, especially that of unborn children. I understand that many women, both young and old, find themselves in an unfortunate situation in which they see no other alternative than abortion. I do not see abortion as an alternative at all. If we allow the murder of an innocent child, then why do we not legalize the murder of any individual who becomes a problem to someone?

    Some feel that because the infant is in the womb and not the mother’s arms that it not truly a child. This is not true. One clinic states that it performance abortions even up to 5 months old. Have you ever seen a picture of a child five months old in the womb? If you have, you can clearly see that it is a living human with all human characteristics. Why do people cringe at the thought of a mother mistreating one child yet condone the murder of another? The child has the right to live no matter how much the careless mother wishes to resolve her “problem” through this inhuman act. Why must a child pay for someone else’s mistake with its own life?

    There are many painful ways in which the baby can be terminated. They may mutilate the infant and remove its body parts separately by using a suction or knifelike instrument or use a salt solution which severely burns the infant. Any way you look at it, it is pure torture to the helpless and blameless child. Anyone who believes that babies in the womb do not feel has not seen the documentary done in which an ultrasound was taken during an actual abortion. The infant was fighting for its very existence while the doctor was attempting to murder it by means of suction. It did not lay motionless without feeling; it fought vigorously with all of its might as piece by piece its little body was slowly being removed from the womb. Can you imagine the pain and fear felt by the child who hadn’t yet taken its first breath, as its life was being mercilessly snuffed out? What have these children done that was horrible enough to be viciously murdered?

    Killing the child is not enough for some. They have no care or respect for the remains of the infant. They either sell the child to a scientist for study or to companies to use certain parts of it called collagen in shampoos or other cosmetics. Also, expensive shots of collagen are given to people to enrich their skin and renew their youth. How can this be human behavior!

By Dawn Michelle Damon


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