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"Begotten" and other Bible Ommissions

   The word begotten is spoken of in the Bible 24 times. The one found in John 3:16 has a meaning so powerful that to remove it would be devastating to humanity. Many organizations and religions are printing new Bibles, thinking that they are doing a good thing and state many reasons for doing so. Some people say they like some of the new versions and some religions have never read the King James Version at all. There have been other translations in the past, but the King James Version has been widely accepted and practiced in our way of worship. God has blessed His people who have been faithful to His word as written in the King James Version. To confuse this generation now with so many different Bibles is very scary. The younger generation coming on will not know which Bible is right, or maybe think that none of them are.

    Pastors are now becoming confused about the Bible. Out of ten thousand pastors surveyed, 65 percent said they did not believe in the virgin birth, did not believe that Satan was real, did not believe that Christ rose from the dead, or do not believe the Bible to be true.

    Reading so many different Bibles is confusing people throughout the world. This is a great plan of Satan to hinder the work of the Church. The Church is supposed to get people ready for the coming of our Lord, but the unsaved are wondering, is the pastor deceived by holding on to the Old Bible, or is he deceived by going for a new one. Which is right?

    This I know to be true: if the word “begotten” in John 3:16 is not supposed to be there, then there is no Bible, no Christ, and no hereafter. The entire Bible, the entire world, and all of heaven itself hinges on that word in that verse. John 3:16, BEGOTTEN

Written by Bishop Haskel Swain, 1955

Other Findings in the Bible

  • The word “Jesus” is used the New Testament 983 times, zero in the Old Testament.
  • The word “Christ” is used in the New Testament 555 times, zero in the Old Testament.
  • The word “Satan” is used 55 times in the entire Bible
  • The word “Devils” is used 55 times in the entire Bible
  • The word “Devil” is used 61 times in the New Testament, zero in the Old Testament.
  • The word “Lucifer” is used only once in the entire Bible.
  • The word “Jehovah”, God Almighty’s name, is used 4 times in the Old Testament

Everyone has a yoke. A yoke is something to work with in the natural. It is used on oxen and in the spiritual it is on people. A yoke, which Satan puts on man, will bring him to the ground in pain and sorrow. But the yoke of Jesus is easy. It is a joy to have one the yoke of our Lord. To have His yoke, we know we belong to Him and we know that He will care for His own. He will see that we are well kept and protected.

The yoke of Satan is a curse to any man. Man, by himself, cannot take off the heavy yoke of Satan.

It is often said that the anointing breaks the yoke. If the yoke is broken, it can be repaired; if it is destroyed, it cannot be repaired. The Bible says: “The anointing will destroy the yoke” (Isaiah 13:27)


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