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A Great Mystery 

   There is a mystery that the biggest part of the church world has never understood. Read Daniel, Chapter 1 thru 4 and Isaiah, Chapters 12 thru 14. This reading is about Nebuchadnezzar, the ruler of Babylon and the church as Jerusalem.

    In Daniel, we read where Jerusalem went under bondage to Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon. This is why the three Hebrew children and Daniel were there, under the rule of the Babylonian king. In Isaiah, we read what God’s plan was for Israel. Daniel, Chapters 12 thru 14 give an account of Israel going in and out of bondage. This is a great mystery.

    Nebuchadnezzar was a ruler of the world. All kings and kingdoms were under him. He was called the King of Kings. The entire world was balanced by his hand. He was a very evil man who opened not the doors of his prisoners and made all the kings on earth fear and tremble because of his unquestionable authority. Never a man on earth had the wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and ability as Nebuchadnezzar.

    Throughout the earth, God made kingdoms, each with their own king, and gave them to Nebuchadnezzar under Babylonian rule. This great king did not understand that God was in charge of the world’s make up. He said to the three Hebrew children, “Who can deliver you out of my hand?” He believed that there was no one on, above, or below the earth who was mightier than he. Then entire earth trembled at his command. Unknown to Nebuchadnezzar, God had ordained him for this office, not because of his religion or righteousness, but because of his ability to balance world affairs. He made sure that all living creatures had their place and protection, all by his command. Some loved him and some hated him, but that didn’t make any difference to this king. This was a king that was so violent that he commanded the three Hebrew children not only to the furnace, but also made the fire seven times hotter. It was his anger that overcame him. He was not to be challenged by anyone and he was determined to hold that position in the sight of all men.

    After the deliverance of the three Hebrews, the king had a different opinion about “power.”

    As time went on, Nebuchadnezzar forgot all about a higher power. He looked at the world with all of its kingdoms, and knowing that he was King of Kings that ruled all of those kingdoms, he was so exalted in himself that he called many of his greatest governors together for a feast. While eating and celebrating with his mighty men, within himself he felt that he, Nebuchadnezzar, must take the honor for a one-world government system in total control of all the world’s affairs. Therefore, he said to those who were in his presence, “Just look at what I have done to balance the world. I have built this great world-wide kingdom.” Because he was boasting and leaving God out of the picture, God caused him to have a nervous breakdown in front of his guests.

    The king lost his mind in so much that he ran out of the palace and into the fields where the cattle were grazing. All the men of power and kings went back to there homes and kingdoms with the news that Nebuchadnezzar had gone mad and is now with the beast of the field.

    While Nebuchadnezzar was in the fields eating grass with the cattle, all the kings of the earth were at ease, ruling under their own power. Each king had his own kingdom with no one to answer to, but himself. All kingdoms on earth were going in their own direction. The world was headed for chaos while Nebuchadnezzar was still eating grass in the fields.

    Daniel saw Nebuchadnezzar as a tree, the height reaching to Heaven and the width to all the earth. The tree ruled the all of the earth and sky. All living and creeping things lived in and under this great tree. All forms of life were controlled by the ruling of this great king, Nebuchadnezzar.

    Everyone in the world knew him as the King of Kings and now this great man is eating grass with the beasts of the field. For seven years, this man was looked upon by the people, knowing who he had been. Now, his air was like eagle feathers and his nails like eagle claws; a crazy man indeed. As the people looked upon him, they said, “Is not this the man who caused the kings of the earth to tremble and would not open the doors to his prisoners? How he has fallen from heaven to the banks of the pit. He is now weak like unto us.” They wagged their heads in amazement, mocking him. They said, “Old Lucifer, where are thou fallen”, meaning you were so high and mighty, but now you are low as we are.

    The work Lucifer is a slang word. They could have said old mighty one, big-shot, pin-head, slue-foot, know-it-all, pig-face, smarty-pants, stuck-up, or many other slang words as they made light of Nebuchadnezzar. Since people have been calling Satan some of the same slang words, some thought he could be Lucifer.

    Today, most of the Church believes that the Devil’s name is Lucifer. The Devil’s real name is Satan. The word Lucifer is used only one time in the entire Bible. If the Devil’s name was Lucifer, Jesus would have told us so. The 12 apostles or the hundreds of disciples of Christ never used the word Lucifer even one time.

    In the Bible, the Devil is called many things such as deceiver, fox, beast, dragon, liar, evil one, and serpent. By Jesus and His disciples, he was also called many things, but was never called Lucifer. Lucifer was a slang name used in Isaiah 14:12 referring to King Nebuchadnezzar.

    After spending seven years in the field eating grass with the animals, Nebuchadnezzar was delivered by God. God have him back his right mind and restored him back to his throne. Nebuchadnezzar commanded that the whole world server God. The man who had been the most powerful and most evil man in the world was now the most humble and righteous man on earth. He continued as a great preacher of righteousness until his death and was loved, honored, and esteemed by God’s faithful servant, Daniel. Lucifer died with grace and honor in the eyes of the Lord.

    Nebuchadnezzar - The greatest king in the world.

Written By: Reverend Haskel Swain, Sr.


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